Free Chore Chart Printable

Free Chore Chart Printable

Free Chore Chart Printable

This free chore chart printable gives you a great tool, to teach your child how to be responsible for accomplishing their list of extra chores each week.

Help your child with picking chores he/she wishes to do each day and see if he/she was able to complete them by the end of the week. Your child can move chore from “need to be done” side of the chore chart to “done” side when the task is complete. In conclusion, treat it as a fun game or to keep your child better organized.

Download Chore Chart Printable

Download includes weekly extra chores page and two lists of individual chores. Both are in .pdf format and are 8.5 x 11″. The chart can hold up to 10 chores, so the print only those you plan to use.

40 Individual chores to use with Free Chore Chart Printable

For Personal Use Only.

Recommended use & set up

Firstly, place the chart behind a glass of a picture frame or a hard laminate it. After that, cut out chores and then hard laminate them leaving space as you put them through the laminator, so you can cut them out quickly. Place Velcro strips down each column for the number of chores you’d like displayed. Place Velcro on the backs of each individual task so your child can attach them to the chart.

Note: Place the soft side of Velcro in the chart columns and the rough side of Velcro on the backs of individual chores.

Additional items needed:

  • Hard Lamination (available at any local print shop)
  • Velcro
  • Picture Frame (optional)

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