Free Women’s Day Printable

Free Women’s Day Printable

Free Women's Day Printable post cover

On March 8th, we are celebrating International Women’s Day. As a woman myself, I like to take a moment that day to think of all you lovely gals out there. I hope that at least on that exceptional day, you will find time to pamper yourself and praise how amazing you are (because we all are!). To make this day even better, I have for you free women’s day printable.

I wanted it to be something more than just a seasonal decoration. Because of that, these posters feature a twist around a famous song title which most of you probably know:

I always find it really entertaining to watch how fashion and style changed when I watch such old hits!

The poster, however, isn’t just about having fun. It raises issues of women’s rights. Even thou I believe that women’s voice is now stronger then ever, there are still parts of the world where women have no rights at all. We should remember about it and fight for equality.

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If you wonder what fonts I used to create this free women’s day printable, here is the full list. The main quote was written using Argon and the handwritten part was added using Amithen.

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