From Marine Corps to Georgetown: How Mack Found Success in the BLS Program

From Marine Corps to Georgetown: How Mack Found Success in the BLS Program

Earning a degree while juggling work and personal commitments can be a daunting task but as a retired Marine, Mack has experience in meeting difficult challenges. With the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS) from Georgetown University, Mack has found the flexible, affordable, and supportive program he needs in order to pursue his career goals. His remarkable journey is a testament to the learning opportunities available to current and former military service members through the School of Continuing Studies.

Mack’s professional background in the Marine Corps spanned over 30 years, during which he held various roles including Finance Director and Drill Instructor. Motivated to support others, his passion for aiding injured and sick service members led him to start his own business, Mack Strategic Solutions, focused on helping former service members find employment opportunities. At the same time, Mack always hoped to finish his bachelor’s degree, and he saw the perfect chance to do so through the BLS program at Georgetown. He says, “I knew I wanted to revisit my education to improve my skills. I just knew getting my degree would help me learn how to be more efficient and effective in completing my work.”

Mack was made aware of the BLS program because of Georgetown’s longstanding commitment to supporting students who have military ties. From the moment he first interacted with university staff, Mack felt a sense of care and guidance that would prove to be invaluable in his educational journey. He says, “The entire staff, really, is there to help you and do everything they can to make sure you succeed. They’re super responsive. Georgetown offered a lot of resources.” Engaging with the university’s military-connected community and the program’s resources solidified his interest.

Mack was also drawn to the BLS program due to its curricular approach and online format. Choosing the Interdisciplinary Studies concentration meant that he could explore different subject areas and tailor his coursework to align with his career goals and personal interests. The high quality of the faculty at Georgetown also played a crucial role in Mack’s student experience. For example, a public policy course that he took was particularly influential in broadening his horizons and equipping him with valuable skills related to his goal of championing wounded warriors. In addition, the online environment of Coursera was another aspect that Mack appreciated about his student experience. He notes that he’s been able to cut down his commute time, as there’s no physical classroom or campus to attend, and he could complete coursework on his own schedule with the asynchronous format. Via the Coursera mobile app, Mack could even access course materials while on the go, as well as save content for offline access.

Mack takes full advantage of opportunities to connect with faculty and classmates during optional live sessions. By engaging with his faculty, he benefits from the expertise of the distinguished scholars and industry leaders who teach his classes. “The professors are just great”, said Mack, adding “They’ve taught me so many things.” He feels confident that the  professional contacts that he has made in the program will continue to benefit him after graduation.

Mack’s journey in the BLS program thus far has already been nothing short of life-changing. He is equipping himself with a wide range of skills, from problem-solving and communication skills,  to leadership and project management strategies. By tapping into the interdisciplinary nature of the curriculum, he has built a solid foundation for his future endeavors.

As Mack nears ‌graduation, he advises those considering the program to apply: “I would absolutely encourage anyone that wants to get their degree to come to this program. You won’t  be disappointed.” Like Mack, other current and former military service members can take control of their student experience and pursue their academic and professional goals with a BLS degree from Georgetown. If you’re ready to embark on a similar journey towards a bachelor’s degree, Georgetown and Coursera are here for you every step of the way.

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