How veteran Stevenson landed his first IT job

How veteran Stevenson landed his first IT job

Meet Stevenson from Florida. Prior to taking the Google IT Support Professional Certificate program on Coursera, he didn’t have professional IT support experience. After completing the program, he secured his first role in information technology as an IT Support Specialist. In his own words, he shares with us his learning and career journey.

I’ve always had an affinity for troubleshooting computers. My interest in computers started back in 6th grade when my middle school received a grant for a computer lab. I gained some experience when I worked at the school library and joined a small group of students who were part of the “tech support” team. We provided support in the computer lab and would go to different classrooms to assist students too. Since then, I’ve always been fascinated with all facets of computing but I didn’t know I could turn this passion into a career. 

After my time in the military and spending more than a decade working in a call center answering phones, I felt burnt out. I wanted a change and decided to see what learning programs were available to help me start working in the IT field. 

The Google IT Support Professional Certificate helped give me the confidence to apply for IT roles. I don’t have the traditional instructional background in the field but my hands-on learning and what I’ve gained from the Google program propelled me forward.  The program introduced to active directory, cloud technology, and other topics that have proven to be beneficial in my role as an IT Support Specialist.

When I first got the job, my role started off as a typical help desk role but my ability to learn quickly has allowed me to dive into more, like working with switches, troubleshooting routers, network installations, and infrastructure planning and implementation.

Like the saying goes, when you love what you do, it’s not really work. So far, I’ve enjoyed every day and every challenge. It’s not monotonous. It’s ever-changing so it doesn’t grow stale. 

I love that no two days are exactly the same. I love the challenge of figuring out solutions to difficult problems. I love providing support and satisfaction to clients when they come to me with their technological issues.