June Vocabulary Challenge

June Vocabulary Challenge

Congratulations to Shannon, Julia and Montgomery, who wrote about a fisherman’s hairdo, an intense athletic practice and a poisonous berry bush. Each of these students used several challenging vocabulary words to bring their characters and scenes to life.

Shannon Arnold, age 14, Mark T Sheehan High School, Wallingford, Conn.

The JAUNTY fisherman’s pride was in JEOPARDY. After a tragic piranha attack, his beloved chestnut locks were left GNARLED and patchy. His kindly wife BESEECHED that he WEND his way to the hairdresser and shave it. He, however, was IMPERVIOUS, and remained determined to — somehow — make his new look work.

Julia Mills, age 17, Mercersburg Academy, Mercersburg, Pa.

I exhaustedly WEND my way through the woods. My life’s in JEOPARDY. I WARILY try differentiating the edible berry bushes from the poisonous, but their resemblances are UNCANNY. I choose randomly. I chew slowly. My LAMENTABLE approach to this QUANDARY backfires, and my TRANSIENT munching ends soon thereafter. Wrong berries.

Montgomery Singer, age 17, Choate, Wallingford, Conn.

That day, Coach MANDATED 110% effort. Our TREPIDATION was tangible as the pain neared. We knew our QUANDARY: complete the exercise or put our positions in JEOPARDY. We BESEECH him, pleading for an alternative. His JAUNTY demeanor was impervious to our attempts. He bellowed, “Pain is TRANSIENT. Glory is immortal.”

Thank you to all who entered.