Latest Insight on AI that is relevant to you

Latest Insight on AI that is relevant to you
  • Implementation of AI – 25% have not deployed – they are in a holding pattern – stuck in beta – “like a plane circling an airport for 25 days or more.”
  • Concerns cited by companies around AI in their businesses – hallucinations, data security and the high cost to run the platforms (foundation is the general term instead of saying LLM, which uh is the foundation)
  • 63% are planning to increase spending on AI in 2024, that is down from 93% who stated they planned to increase spending for 2024
  • 36% plan to keep spending “flat” on AI
  • And the kicker – 42% have yet to see any financial returns on AI adoption of products
  • 23% usage increase with AI in the workplace (Since Jan 24. The study does not provide a to X date), however, the increase of AI in the workplace since Sept 23 is 60% (again, no info on what date is this up to?)
  • 81% say AI has boosted their productivity and quality of work
  • 93% say that around work-related issues and trustworthiness – have concerns
  • 18% increase in work-life balance
  • 23% able to manage stress better
  • 24% increase in happiness in the workplace (the study uses the term – overall satisfaction)
  • 29% who state they feel very passionate about their work
  • 73% “of desk workers – again, that isn’t workers, that’s management” believe the hype of AI is warranted
  • 55% of workers in the age bracket (18 to 29) are highly enthusiastic about AI, and the automation to handle parts of their work, only 33% in the age bracket over 60, feel the same way
  • GPT-4 does a better job of analyzing financial data including statements and predications based on those statements
  • Using “Chain of thought” which directed GPT-4 to identify trends in the financial statements and calculate different financial ratios. They also found that by using a LLM (Large Language Model), GPT-4 achieved an accuracy of 60% compared to humans which is in the low 50% range (relating to predictive accuracy)
  • Relating to financial acumen GPT-4 produced more profitable trading with higher share ratios (and alpha) beat the stock market.
  • LiveBench
  • AGIEval
  • Hugging Face – Offers various Benchmarks that sit on Hugging Face
  • LMSys which uses Elo Ratings – Includes GPT 4o (latest LLM from OpenAI)
  • Artificial Analysis – I’m a fan of this one, because it also shows the latest from Open AI and Anthropic (3.5 Sonnet, matched up to others with performance as one item, fees as another. Best Benchmark out there, IMO.
  1. CYPHER Learning
  2. Cornerstone Learning Management – Part of Galaxy (And all the items/mods that it comes with at no additional charge – to see the other items, click on Platform, then look under Cornerstone Learn)
  3. Thought Industries (A system for customer training/learning/education – whatever term you prefer)

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