Enhancing Online Learning Adoption Through Creative Marketing Tactics

Enhancing Online Learning Adoption Through Creative Marketing Tactics
  • Bandwagon – Oh this one is wonderful. Everybody is doing it so should you. In sports you might hear the term. People are jumping on the bandwagon. Even if you do not have mass, let alone constant usage – who really knows that? Get it? Focus on a few courses, not the entire catalog. Focus on the system itself. “Did you know we offer Chicken University, the best place to find a variety of courses, including how to use AI in your job.” Never BTW mention the words LMS, LXP or whatever type your learning system is. It confuses people. Stay on target – the name of what you call it. “Widget World, FunLand University, etc.”
  • Plain Folks – Just like you and me. It is not the samething as Bandwagon. I love this one, because if done correctly, wow, it works and works well. Besides testimonial – which you often see on learning system, even non systems web sites; plain folks delivers – and here is how you can do it – well, how I did it.
  • Send out to your target audience an anonymous survey – this means their responses are anonymous. Here you can zero in on a drawing for those who respond. Pick a variety of topics to choose from. The survey should never be more than one page. You can use statements but be very specific. The never do – “What topics are you interested in? – And you list like 20 topics.