Learning to lead the way

Learning to lead the way

were always a thing of comfort for Behnoud – an international language that he
could take anywhere, and put to work right away. But what threw him was
leadership – something he was never taught as an emerging engineer.

career in mechanical engineering began in the south of Iran, where he grew up,
and where the oil and gas industry employed the majority of adult residents. He
was still in university at the time, and quickly realised there was still a lot
to learn about the role that couldn’t be gained from books. Behnoud’s job took
him from country to country, which made it difficult to balance work and home
life, but the upside was the exposure to a wealth of different cultures and
lifestyles. “We are a collection of our
knowledge and experience, and this shapes our personality” says Behnoud, “so learning
is the biggest motivation for me.”

Behnoud in a meeting

In 2008, Behnoud immigrated to Australia, and worked as a project manager in the oil and gas industry. He was constantly challenged by how to best lead a team, and keep them motivated for the long term. “They never train engineers to lead teams, and that’s where the MBA helps” says Behnoud. In need of extra training, Behnoud enrolled in an MBA through RMIT University, and started making his way through the course in his spare time. A move to Singapore for work meant that Behnoud had to put his study on hold midway through, but a few months later, realised he could resume the same course online through Open Universities Australia. After gaining credit for what he’d already completed, Behnoud resumed his place as an RMIT student – online this time. He’s nearing the finish line, with plans to complete the course this year.

Behnoud smiling

Today, Behnoud holds the role of Engineering Manager for Puma Energy Australia. While he loves his role, at times, work-life balance can prove a challenge, particularly when he is being kept from spending time with his family. “Universities should issue a certificate for the families,” Behnoud laughs “because it’s very important to have them on board”. Their support gets Behnoud through the day, as well as his love for learning, and vision of the end goal. “Sometimes I get home very tired because we have long days, but I’m happier while I’m studying, because I’m doing what I really love to do”.

Behnoud on the phone

It’s worth the hard work

Work, family, friends – it can already feel like a juggling act without adding study to the mix. But a qualification is more than a piece of paper to put on your wall and list on your resume. What really makes study worth the effort (despite a busy schedule) is the lifelong skills you gain, increased confidence in your own ability, and the sheer joy of learning.

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