Live Webinar: Teaching Informational Writing

Live Webinar: Teaching Informational Writing

Informational writing is the style of writing that dominates The New York Times as well as any other traditional newspaper you might read, and in our writing unit, and this webinar, we hope to show students that it can be every bit as engaging and compelling to read and to write as other genres.

For this writing unit and contest, we are focusing on just one broad area of informational writing — that with a STEM theme. We invite students to take any STEM-related discovery, process or idea that interests them and write about it in a way that makes it understandable and engaging for a general audience.

In this webinar, The Learning Network, along with expert educators, will share ways to make informational writing engaging and fun for students, show you how the Trilobites column of the Science Times, and other mentor texts, can be used to write compellingly and informatively, and walk you through our STEM writing contest.

Together we will:

  • Explore writing prompts and resources that will inspire students to investigate topics that matter to them.

  • Analyze mentor texts from The Times and past contest winners to identify “writer’s moves” and key elements of informational writing, with a focus on STEM topics.

  • Gain advice and best practices from Times journalists on informational writing in the field of science.

  • Learn about the STEM Writing Contest and the resources that support it.

C.T.L.E. credit is available for New York educators. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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