Free January 2021 Wallpaper & Instagram quote

Free January 2021 Wallpaper & Instagram quote

Free January 2021 Wallpaper

Our free January 2021 wallpaper is here!

Can you believe is already 2021? We are starting this year with some delicate flowers and marble texture. I didn’t even know that I like the pink/grey color combination so much, but I fell in love with it when I was putting this month wallpaper together.

Blush is also a color we use for the 2021 Limited Edition of our Life Planner and the Blog Planner.

As always, our January’s free wallpaper comes with two different mobile phone layouts. They are great to use at once – the simple version for your phone background and the one with a quote for the lock screen.

This month quote

I wish you all the best in this new year. The quote I picked for this month will remind you that it is a fresh start and I believe that you will achieve anything you want.

This is your year to sparkle - Quote from Free January 2021 Wallpaper

This is your year to sparkle

P.S the square image is also included in the download package below! Feel free to post it on your Instagram.

What font is it?

Free January’s wallpaper features my all-time favorites – Opulent and Geometrica. I have used thousands of fonts but If I could use only two fonts for the rest of my life I would definitely pick this pair.

Free January 2021 Wallpaper with quote - This is your year to sparkle

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In conclusion, the free download includes three desktop options – one with the calendar and one without the calendar and one with a quote. There is also a wallpaper for tablet and two options for the phone. We have also included an Instagram ready square with the weekly quote.

Your voice matters!

If you have your favorite quotes and would like them to appear on the next free wallpaper, make sure to post them in the comments below or send us your ideas via email.



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