New for educators: Seamlessly migrate content from your LMS to Coursera

New for educators: Seamlessly migrate content from your LMS to Coursera

By Jyoti Motwani, Senior Product Manager, Coursera 

Today, we’re excited to announce that educators can now seamlessly import content from select learning management systems (LMS) directly to Coursera. This new feature supports scalable content creation, enabling educators to quickly migrate large amounts of content between an LMS and Coursera. It is enabled via an integration with K16 Solutions, an industry leader in large-scale LMS migrations, and currently supports content ingestion from Blackboard, Canvas, Desire2Learn (D2L), Moodle, Open LMS, and Sakai. 

Creating high-quality educational content requires considerable time and resources. LMS ingestion helps educator teams focus on creating impactful lessons, perfecting course assets, and supporting real-time student needs, rather than navigating tedious migrations or re-creating content from scratch. 

Today’s general availability comes after a successful pilot, which showed that the new LMS solution could help educators save up to 67% in time when building courses on Coursera. Take for example the University of North Texas, which used LMS ingestion during the pilot for its Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree on Coursera. With it, the UNT team was able to save a significant amount of time adding and refreshing individual courses for upcoming terms.

“Without this capability, I highly doubt that the course would be as far along as it is today. This capability could be a game changer to how quickly we can have a course ready!” – Lauri Morrow, Asst. Director, Instructional Design, University of North Texas

To get started with LMS ingestion, reach out to your Coursera partnership manager today. Once set up, you can begin migrating content such as videos, quizzes, readings, discussion prompts, peer review assignments, learning objectives, and LTIs from your LMS to Coursera and unlock valuable time to best serve students. Additional information about LMS ingestion is on the Partner Resource Center [login required].