On-Demand Webinar: Teach Across the Curriculum With New York Times-Inspired Daily Prompts

On-Demand Webinar: Teach Across the Curriculum With New York Times-Inspired Daily Prompts

Do you wish you could easily bring current issues and events into English, social studies, science or math class? For example, would you like your students to develop arguments using topics they care about, like social media, football, pop culture or the criminal justice system? Do you wish they could connect what they’re studying in class to themes and controversies relevant to today’s world, on issues from race, gender and identity to genetics and climate change?

Every school day we publish fresh writing prompts inspired by current New York Times articles, photography, art and even graphs. In this 43-minute webinar, recorded live in Feb. 2019, join Learning Network editors, along with guest students and their teachers, to explore how to use our thousands of free writing prompts for everyday low-stakes writing practice across the curriculum.

We discuss ways teachers can:

• Develop students’ argument, narrative and creative writing skills;

• Connect to cross-curricular themes and questions, from the American dream to the role of technology in our lives, and to academic subjects from genetics to immigration;

• Easily bring current events into the classroom;

• Offer an authentic audience for student voice on the important issues and questions facing our society.

Whether your students are already writing sophisticated paragraphs or just learning English as a new language, our daily writing prompts also provide a safe, moderated forum where teenagers can share their ideas publicly and engage in civil discussion with other students from around the world.

Walk away from this webinar with practical strategies for bringing more engaging and relevant writing into classrooms from middle school to college.

Resource List: In this PDF you can find links to all the resources we discuss in this webinar.

Original Webinar: You can watch the original, unedited webinar here and download a professional development certificate at the end. The webinar is free, but registration is required.

John White and Jay McGillen, A.P. English Language & Composition Teachers at Danvers High School in Danvers, Mass.

Meghan Miraglia (12th Grade) and Ezra Lombardi (11th Grade), Students at Danvers High School in Danvers, Mass.