Q1 Coursera for Business Quarterly Product Release

Q1 Coursera for Business Quarterly Product Release

By Shwetabh Mittal

We’re excited to share our newest features as part of our Q1 product release.  These features provide you with valuable data and insights to assess the performance of your learning program and the program management tools to engage with your learners at scale. These features include: 

  • A redesigned homepage that displays your learning program’s performance at a glance, with clear data and insights to make program management even more actionable.
  •  A universal learners list that provides you with the ability to view and manage learners across your different learning programs (instead of having only a single program view) and more advanced learner management capabilities such as filtering learners by learning activity.
  • Learner communications tools that give you the flexibility to reach out to your learners with tailored messaging—a pat on the back for a job well done or a quick nudge to start learning.

Just this past week, our Product Management team hosted a webinar to talk through these new features, as well as our 2020 roadmap, complete with even more exciting updates set to release later this year. You can tune in to the webinar on-demand here

Without further ado, let’s dive right in! 

With the new admin homepage, you can evaluate the overall performance of your learning program with a single glance, identify which areas of your learner funnel need attention and take action on them right away. 

The summary tab gives you a high-level view of your learning program as well as your organization’s skills development journey, including enrollments, learning hours, and the number of lessons taken.  

The usage overview section surfaces critical data points, such as invitations sent, learners joined, and learner enrollment. This information provides you with a snapshot of the leaky bucket in your learner funnel to drive learner participation. And lastly, below each stage in the learner funnel are quick action buttons you can use to take the needed measures. 

With the Universal Learners List functionality, you have a comprehensive view of learners across your different programs. You can also filter your member list to view the cohorts you need to see, using our various preset filters. 

For example, these filters include learners who were invited but never joined, or learners who joined but have yet to enroll. Once you’ve identified the learner population, the Universal Learners List will then give you the ability to send a bulk email and a collective reminder to start learning. You can also take other bulk actions, such as downloading the list as a CSV file or removing learners from the program.

The Learner Communication Tools allow you to send targeted communications to the different cohorts of learners in your programs, with preset messages tailored to the group of learners you are trying to reach. For example, you can select the population of learners who joined the program but never enrolled in a course. Once selected, a pre-populated message will appear explicitly intended for that audience. Note, you can also customize your communications as you see fit for your learners, or start from a blank canvas entirely.  And to make your messages even more engaging, we’ve added an audience-specific call-to-action button to every email, giving recipients the ability to take the needed action seamlessly and with minimal friction. 

Through these tools, we hope to give you the insights and capabilities you need to enhance your learning programs, deliver strong learning outcomes, and engage with your learners at scale. Be sure to watch our webinar replay for additional information on all these new features. Happy learning!