Teenagers on the Greatest Gifts Their Parents Have Given Them

Teenagers on the Greatest Gifts Their Parents Have Given Them

As a kid I was always so excited to receive gifts, and the idea of receiving a gift uplifted my spirit to the highest. A gift I received from my parents during my 9th birthday was a sketchbook, and little did I know from this gift would arise a new persona in me. I always knew I had some creative talent but never knew the true extent of it till I received this gift. This sketchbook itself created a new part of my identity: an artist. I learned I had a capability to draw, although not learned over night, the practices and persistent drawings in my sketchbook created me to the artists I am today. I thank my parents for allowing me to acknowledge this gift I had, which makes their present so much more than just a gift: they created a new part of my identity.

Hadassah, Glenbard West High School

The greatest gift my parents have given me is independence. Among the many values and life lessons they have bestowed upon me, the ability to be self-reliant and confident in my own abilities stands out. They encouraged me to take responsibility for my actions from a young age and fostered an environment that allowed me to learn and grow independently. My father played a significant role in instilling independence in me. He taught me practical skills such as problem-solving, decision-making, and self-sufficiency. Whether it was calling the hotel phone to ask for a toothbrush during our travels, building my own IKEA furniture, cooking for guests, or even allowing me to build my own wardrobe, my father empowered me to take charge of various aspects of my life. By allowing me to tackle challenges on my own and providing guidance when needed, my parents helped me develop a sense of confidence in my abilities. They taught me to trust myself and believe that I have the capability to overcome obstacles. This gift of independence has been invaluable in preparing me for the transition to adulthood and has given me the courage to embrace new experiences and responsibilities.

Tanirika, New Jersey

My parents were born and raised in Algeria for the first 24 or so years of their lives. Everything they knew, their family, friends, and home, was there. When I was born, they had to make a sacrifice. It was either we stayed there, not poor but not having enough to give me the “lavish life” they wanted me to have, or we left. To the land of opportunity, the U.S. Think about it, having to travel 5,562 miles away from all you loved, just for a child. I could never be more grateful for my parents. Without argument, no doubts in their minds, they decided that they would automatically leave Algeria to move for me. Truly, they are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I’d never be able to thank them for leaving their family to give me a better life. My parents didn’t give me a trip to Nashville, or a soccer game. They have given me love, support, and a life that they never got to have.

LIna, J.R Masterman Philadelphia Pa

What is the greatest gift my parents have given me? If I had to think long and hard, I would say giving me an opportunity to live in a well-developed country. My parents didn’t have much in my home country because of the low-paying jobs. Although we had all we needed, my parents decided it wasn’t good for us to experience life in a poor country. As a result of this, they decided it was best for us to move to the United States. They spent long, hard-working days saving money for a one-way ticket to America. They did this for my brother and me so that we could live our best lives.

Mario, Masterman School, Philadelphia, PA

The greatest gift I’ve ever received from my parents was themselves. The appreciation they deserve is unparalleled when you see “families” with absent adults. My mom — sacrificing her life — escaped her home country after a war, risking her life, to have better opportunities. My parents were foreigners and had to learn everything new in America. Despite their struggles, never once have I been forgotten or neglected. While not receiving tickets to a soccer game, I am still spoiled, cared for, and loved for. I have been their greatest gift, and they are my favorite gift.

Justin, Masterman School, Philadelphia, PA