The ladder to leading quality care

The ladder to leading quality care

Quality care and safety are two elements at
the heart of every healthcare professional. But as many know all too well,
investigations into adequate patient care remain frequent.

That’s where the Master of Health Care Management from Murdoch University comes in. Designed with the health industry’s growing focus on safety in mind, it allows you to develop research and practical skills that will open doors to management.

Hot topics in health

Associate Professor of Nursing at Murdoch
University, Vicki Cope, deems ‘quality of care’ and ‘safety’ as health’s
hottest topics of today.

“Healthcare professionals who want to climb
the career ladder should tap into this course… given the amount of enquiries
that go into care, this type of course is really important.” Vicki says.

As a former Manager of Practice at the
Nurses Board of Western Australia, Vicki knows the benefit of postgraduate
study first-hand.

“We know that higher-educated healthcare professionals at the bedside within leadership and management roles give higher quality care to clients, patients and residents.” she says.

The Murdoch approach

As a university that prides itself on an
up-to-date, evidence-based approach, Murdoch University is well positioned to
deliver the Master of Health Care Management.

Like Vicki, the academics who run the
course come from a range of health backgrounds, spanning years of experience in
psychology, nursing, safety, quality and health management.

A new perspective

Take on this course, and you’ll be
surrounded by students who are working anaesthetists, doctors, dentists and
nurses. With such a broad variety of backgrounds, discussion boards are often a
hot-pot of perspective.

Dentist with face mask holding lighting equipment.

Where will you go next?

Graduates of the Master of Health Care
open up a wide range of career opportunities, and can go
on to become:

  • Accreditation Coordinators
  • Quality and Risk Managers
  • HR Projects Directors
  • Health Care Clinic Managers
  • Clinical Nurse Managers

Reach your potential

Stepping from your current role into management or something more senior can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. With Open Universities Australia, you can take the ladder to leadership one step at a time.

Courses like the Master of Health Care Management with Murdoch University are designed to be studied one or two units at a time – allowing you to keep working in the field while you upskill.

To hear more, fill out the form on this
page. We’ll put you in touch with a friendly student advisor. Keen to see where
else you could take your career in health? Browse our extensive catalogue of courses from universities
across Australia.

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