What Do You Dream About Now?

What Do You Dream About Now?

Do you remember your dreams most nights? Have you noticed a change in the kinds of dreams you have had during the pandemic?

In “An Almanac of Covid Dreams,” Hannah K. Lee illustrates some of the dreams that thousands of people shared on Twitter at the height of the pandemic in 2020:

Students, read the entire article, then tell us:

  • What is your reaction to the article? Did any of the dreams shared by Twitter users remind you of your own pandemic dreams?

  • What is similar or different about your dream life since the pandemic began?

  • Why do you think people’s dreams changed?

  • Do you ever notice symbols or metaphors in your dreams that represent things happening in your life? Describe one symbol or metaphor in a dream.

  • Do you try to interpret or make meaning out of your dreams? Share one interpretation.

  • In 280 characters or less, write about a “Covid dream” you had. Then, create a simple illustration of the dream, like the ones in the featured article.

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