What Students Are Saying About: Online Learning, Family Vacations and Moving to a New Home

What Students Are Saying About: Online Learning, Family Vacations and Moving to a New Home

My favorite vacation was going to Asia because it was the first time I’ve been out of the continent and it was a different experience. For the 13 years I had been breathing, I had never been out of the continent. This trip to Korea and Thailand was going to be amazing. Once we landed in Korea, we wanted to experience everything. We went to Buddhist temples, beaches, markets, cities, and many historical sites. Then we took off to Thailand. Around 1 am Thailand time, we finally arrived in Bangkok. We wanted to go everywhere, so we hired a driver that took us anywhere we desired to go. We went to many restaurants, markets, temples, palaces, and did many adventurous activities. A couple of adventurous things we did were interacting with tigers, going to beaches, and going elephant riding. Also experiencing the poor side of Thailand was really touching.

Devin, Illinois

Despite ups and downs, family vacations are always worth it.

Usually on family vacations, my parents get easily stressed out due to the fact they’re trying so hard to plan it out well enough for my sister and me to enjoy it, which is similar to what Slaughter-Graham wrote in her article. However, in the end the trip always pays off, even if it was filled with stupid arguments and frustrations because it’s the fun memories of the vacation that I’ll always hold on to.

Allison, Fountain Valley High School

Smoky air surrounds me,
sticky marshmallows cover me.
Moments later blood pours,
my leg feels lifeless laying there.
Then sirens sound, golf carts no more.

Years ago we took a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC to go camping. Little did we know we wouldn’t forget this trip for years to come. We were at the bottom of a hill roasting marshmallows. My brother came rolling down in our golf cart. The brake was locked but he knocked it climbing on. I followed my mom after she took me out of her arms. The biggest mistake I have ever made. Ran straight into the path of my brother on the golf cart. My leg was crushed and I knocked my head but you wouldn’t know if I didn’t tell. But I won’t forget that family trip.

Amber Small, Hoggard High School, Wilmington NC

One of my most memorable family vacations that I took was to Carolina Beach North Carolina. I now live a 20 minute drive from there, but at the time I lived in New York. This trip was memorable in so many ways from the disaster at the airports to the hurricane that came through in the middle of our vacation. The first three days were amazing I remember just playing at the pool, at the beach, going to the small boardwalk, and just hanging out with my family. By the middle of the week we had Hurricane Irene hurtling towards us. I remember people boarding the house we were staying at with wood, and they told us it was time to leave. We went to my grandparents friends house who lived 15 minutes inland from Carolina Beach. We had the best time there during the hurricane we played board games, played with our dolls, and hung out with one another. The family friends we stayed with our now like my second grandparents, so I will never forget that trip.

Avery McElhinney, Hoggard High School in Wilmington, NC

Magical moments

The most memorable vacation occurred last August in Nantucket, Massachusetts with my family and some friends …My favorite moment to look back on with that trip was our last day. It was about four o’clock, and the sun was setting, giving off a goldish filter in the sky and shimmers in the ocean’s low tide state. We were all playing a game of catch when we noticed the view surrounding us, we were already fulfilled with the outcome of this trip, but that day was just the cherry on top. We were in awe. I was in tears by the fact that I had to leave because I was going to miss the feeling I had there: real happiness.

Sloane F., Hoggard High School, Wilmington NC

Even though vacations are stressful, the joy that comes out of it overwhelms the negative and makes for a very positive experience, meaning that family vacations should be continued. My ideal family vacation would be somewhere quiet and peaceful yet fun, with my immediate family as well as my family friends. This summer, my family has a trip planned to go to South Padre Island off the coast of Texas, and I will take advice from the article is to create positive memories, so when looking back, you only feel happiness and nostalgia.

Angela Froming, School of the Woods, Houston, TX