What’s new on Coursera for Business – December 2019

What’s new on Coursera for Business – December 2019

By Kyle Clark, Senior Skills Transformation Consultant

Coursera’s university and industry partners launched over 50 courses in December to round out 2019. Our new courses range in topic from the data-heavy – including new AI, cloud, and analytics courses – to cultural intelligence, public health, security management, and business English.

Here are our top picks for enterprises from December:

December 2019’s key launches:

  • Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen, Macquarie University – This course, via structured learning activities, will teach you that those with high ‘cultural intelligence’ – are good at spotting cultural differences and adapt their behavior accordingly. You’ll develop cultural intelligence and sensitivity – key future-focused capabilities required of every leader.
  • AI Workflow: Enterprise Model Deployment, IBM – This is the fifth course in the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow Certification specialization. This course introduces you to an area that few data scientists are able to experience: Deploying models for use in large enterprises. 
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Ethics, University of California, Davis – This course gives you context and first-hand experience with the two major catalyzers of the computational science revolution: big data and artificial intelligence. 
  • AWS Computer Vision: Getting Started with GluonCV, Amazon Web Services – This course provides an overview of Computer Vision (CV), Machine Learning (ML) with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and how to build and train a CV model using the Apache MXNet and GluonCV toolkit. The course discusses artificial neural networks and other deep learning concepts, then walks through how to combine neural network building blocks into complete computer vision models and train them efficiently. 
  • Browser-based Models with TensorFlow.js, deeplearning.ai – Bringing a machine learning model into the real world involves a lot more than just modeling. This Specialization will teach you how to navigate various deployment scenarios and use data more effectively to train your model. In this first course, you’ll train and run machine learning models in any browser using TensorFlow.js. 

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