8 Trendy Modern Calligraphy Fonts You Must Know

8 Trendy Modern Calligraphy Fonts You Must Know

One of the latest trends in blog design and print design is the use of modern calligraphy fonts. Modern calligraphy fonts create a hand-drawn, modern, informal style and do so much to produce stand-out designs. Calligraphy fonts create interest and when used correctly can create stunning natural focal points in blog design.

Modern Calligraphy Fonts

You will find here thin signature fonts and those a little bit bolder. All beautifly crafted and perfect for all types of designs. I love using hand written fonts for all logo designs and seasonal prints.

Below you will find 8 fonts we picked for you, with links to their pages.

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8 Trendy Modern Calligraphy Fonts You Must Know

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Don’t forget to let us know which font is your favorite. Do you like hand-written fonts, or would you rather see a compilation of classic & simple fonts?

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