Capgemini Partners with Coursera to Upskill Employees and Promote a Culture of Lifelong Learning

Capgemini Partners with Coursera to Upskill Employees and Promote a Culture of Lifelong Learning

By Anthony Tattersall, Senior Director of Enterprise, EMEA at Coursera

We are excited to announce that Capgemini, a global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology, and engineering services, has partnered with Coursera to offer high-quality learning to its employees. Starting today, Capgemini’s employees in nearly 50 countries will have access to 4,000 courses on Coursera for Business

No one could have predicted the impact that COVID-19 has had on the world of work and the dramatic way it will change how businesses operate and serve customers in the long-term. For Capgemini, it has reinforced its business imperative of encouraging employees to continuously learn and stay abreast of new trends and skills to better support customers. 

The global launch follows a successful pre-launch that started in February, which saw more than 25,000 Capgemini employees enroll in courses on Coursera for Business, with more than 22,000 courses completed to date. 

Our catalog of high-quality courses aligns with Capgemini’s goals to enhance the learning of critical new skills, such as those in digital, professional services and cloud computing. This will help employees more easily adapt to changing business needs, encouraging a culture of lifelong learning and individual growth for greater employee engagement. 

There are 4,000 courses on offer to Capgemini employees across business, technology, data science, and personal development. The partnership also complements the launch of Capgemini’s Digital Learning Hub, NEXT. The hub brings together a wide range of the best online courses, updated continuously to allow employees to build their development path as well as to share their learnings and experiences.

We applaud Capgemini’s commitment to helping employees worldwide access learning and skills that will support their work and careers during this time and beyond. 

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