The LMS and LXP Draft 2024

The LMS and LXP Draft 2024
  • Only one system can be selected for the teams. Thus they cannot appear in a second nor all the other teams.
  • Executive selections along with my analysis of who goes where – played a factor. I appreciate all those execs who provided their selections. It is always interesting to see how other vendors see the space, and not necessarily, their own competitors.
  • I avoided leveraging my mid-year rankings. That would have been too easy to do, ditto on the end of 23-24 rankings.
  • I went far and wide, which means the picks are not just in the U.S. or U.K. for example. Just like any sports draft (sans the NFL), folks that get selected can be anywhere in the world.
  • I angled this into seeing how I would see the system if they were a human. Height, talent and other attributes.
  • To make it more like a “Team” I named the teams.
  • Feel free to disagree or agree in the comments or on LinkedIn – I love hearing how others see it.

SMB (audience numbers 50 to 1,500) – There are vendors who see Enterprise even at 1,000 end users (active). However, based on what I am hearing across the market, where vendors just push out these weird ranges on what they see as Enterprise, or mid-market or SMB continues to be all over the map.

I went with what I hear and recognize as of today, as the ranges.

The Teams (In order of selection) – A draft usually goes lowest (worst team) to the best team. I chose to ignore that. Rather, the order is just order by active end-users.

  • Small business to mid-market business Coyotes (50 to 2,499) – I should add that there are vendors who won’t consider a potential buyer if they are under 1,000; heck there are a few that won’t look at you, if you are under 5,000.
  • Enterprise Eagles (2,500 to 19,999) – A big range, but I see large enterprise above the 20,000 mark. A lot of vendors though see Enterprise in the 2,000 to 10,000 range or 1,500 to 5,000 range or even 1,500 to 10,000 range. Each one, is doable. Therefore, a quandary. I took all of that in consideration, hence the larger range.
  • Large Enterprise Gladiators (20,000 and higher) – See above on the variance of Large Enterprise by vendors. These are just my numbers.
  • Customer Training/Education/B2B/Partners (Gravity) – and so on training (100 and up) – You could be someone who has been brick and mortar and are now jumping into online and moving over the clients. I’ve seen numbers as low as a couple – uh the company, and then their predications expand rapidly. Again, I know of CT vendors who if you are under 5,000, they are not interested. Thus, while it could be a min of 100 for me, with the sky is the limit; I can easily see it as 500 or 1,000 and up. Oh, I tossed Associations into this category.
  • For the sake of repetition – I will be using first the segment, then just the abbreviation (SMB, E, LE, CT). If the vendor is in FindAnLMS, my platform for independent and non-biased variance of vendors, it will be noted. Please be aware that FAL had zero bearing, but the platform continues to land the best systems in the industry. And we are in discussions with many more. Again, no impact.
  • SMB Coyotes
  • Enterprise Blitz
  • Large Enterprise Gladiators
  • Customer Training Gravity

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