Join Us for Learn From Home Day

Join Us for Learn From Home Day

Let’s learn from home together! Join us tomorrow, April 10th, for Learn from Home Day, a global online event to promote togetherness and self-betterment through learning online. We’ll be going live over Zoom starting at 10am EDT, offering a lineup of live talks and interactive sessions.

To reserve your spot, head to our registration page. You can also register for individual breakout sessions on Friday at the links below. Feel free to mix and match or stick to a single track.

What you’ll learn

Throughout the day, you’ll be able to join a variety of breakout sessions with the Codecademy team. We’ll work on projects, answer your questions, run group discussions, and help you understand best practices for learning from home.

The day will start with a welcome from Codecademy CEO and co-founder Zach Sims. Then, we’ll have two tracks of breakout sessions — a “Building Websites” track and a “Languages and Usage” track.

Find more information about the individual tracks and sessions below. Please register for all breakout sessions you wish to attend. We hope you’ll join us!

Time Session Registration Link
10:00am Welcome!
Codecademy CEO and co-founder Zach Sims will open Learn From Home Day with a keynote.
10:30am [Track 1] Build Websites: Learn HTML
Learn the backbone of the internet as we know it today: HTML. Sonny and Nick will walk you through Learn HTML, one of Codecademy’s most popular courses and build some basic websites along the way!
10:30am [Track 2] Languages and Usage: Creative Coding with JavaScript
Interested in coding and want to dive right in? With p5.js, we have a JavaScript library that helps guide your thinking by creating interactive elements on the webpage. We’ll see exactly how the computer is interpreting our code and how to translate some of our thought into a language that computers understand.
12:00pm [Track 1] Build Websites: Learn CSS
Have you ever wondered why websites look the way they do? Why are some so plain and others so extravagant? In this session, we’ll acquaint ourselves with CSS (or Cascading Style Sheets), the language responsible for decorating the web!
12:00pm [Track 2] Languages and Usage: Learn Swift
Learn and explore a powerful, modern programming language that is the backbone of many Apple applications: Swift! Join authors Galina and Alex as they navigate through Codecademy’s Learn Swift course and build some awesome projects along the way.
1:30pm [Track 1] Build Websites: Intro to JavaScript
We’ll walk through the fundamentals of JavaScript—the language of the internet! If you’re looking for a language to dip your toes into the world of coding, look no further. JavaScript has a wide range of applications and usages to help you start your coding journey.
Register 1:30pm [Track 2] Languages and Usage: Forecasting Google Trends Data With R
Learn how to analyze historical trend data and make predictions about the future! Camelia and Ian will walk you through how to use R, a programming language designed for data analysis, to forecast the popularity of different programming languages.
Register 3:00pm Wrap up the day!
Join us for a curtain call! We will recap the day and provide next steps to attendees so you can capitalize on all the progress you made today. We’ll highlight some things to come with Codecademy, and take Q&A. See you there!