Leading Companies Partner with Coursera for Business to Drive Digital Transformation

Leading Companies Partner with Coursera for Business to Drive Digital Transformation

By Leah Belsky, Chief Enterprise Officer, Coursera

It has been an unstoppable year for Coursera for Business. Technology and globalization are rapidly advancing and companies can no longer afford to let talent fend for itself in a changing economy. 79 percent of CEOs today see skill shortages as a growth threat, meaning skills transformation is and will continue to be imperative.

Increased adoption of our enterprise platform is closely linked to the urgent pace at which companies need to acquire the skills of the future. Last week, we announced a series of new enterprise customers: Large organizations including Mastercard, Southwest Airlines, Adobe, and the NYC Department of Small Business Services initiated or continued partnerships with Coursera for Business this past year. 

These relationships led to 100 percent customer growth year-over-year in North America, driving accelerated momentum of our enterprise business. As a result of this demand, we also opened two new offices dedicated to enterprise in New York and Toronto.

We also continued to advance the enterprise learning experience in 2019 with Coursera Labs, offering hands-on experiences using popular workplace tools and almost any native desktop application to ensure that technical skills learned are easily applied on the job. 

All must take action to compete in the changing economy and Coursera is best equipped to help companies do so. We deliver the high-quality content and applied learning needed to drive data literacy among employees and in turn, accelerate digital transformation. We are thrilled to have a diverse network 2,000 companies and governments worldwide relying on us to drive skills transformation, and we embrace the opportunity to further their success in 2020. 

For more information about the Coursera for Business offering, visit coursera.org/business

Coursera for Business provides a world-class learning platform for companies that need to upskill, reskill, and deepskill their talent. With topics ranging from digital transformation and data science to software development and leadership, over 2,000 companies trust the Coursera for Business enterprise platform to transform their talent.